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The Boys Are Back

The Boys Are Back – Review

Joe is a British sports journalist who left his wife Flick (Little) and son Harry (MacKay) for an Australian sportswoman, Katy (Fraser), who he interviewed while covering an equestrian event. Som... Read On

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Triangle – Review

After a stressful morning with her young son, Jess (George) joins a group of friends for a day-trip on a yacht. A bit the worse for wear, looking like she’s been through hell, she seeks refuge down ... Read On

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Australia – Review

Set in 1939, Lady Ashley (Kidman) flies from England to Australia to coax her philandering husband back from Faraway Lands and sell his cattle business. There, she meets a sexy cowboy, Drover (... Read On

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Kenny – Review

Kenny (Jacobson) is passionate about his job – supplying and maintaining portable toilets for major public events. Under his command are a bunch of crackpots who are only slightly less enthused by t... Read On

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Macbeth – Review

Macbeth (Worthington) wins the respect of Melbourne mob boss Duncan (Sweet), who starts to trust him and bestow power on him. This is in line with a prophecy he receives from three witches, who tell... Read On

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Jindabyne – Review

Mechanic Stewart (Byrne) and his mates go for a fishing weekend in the creek near their small Australian outback town. As they arrive at their destination, he’s shocked to find a woman’s body, float... Read On

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The Proposition

The Proposition – Review

Towards the end of the British colonial period in Australia, Captain Stanley (Winstone) arrests outlaw Charlie Burns (Pearce) and his younger brother, after a fierce gunfight. Stanley gives Charlie ... Read On

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Swimming Upstream

Swimming Upstream – Review

Tony (Spencer) is a big disappointment to his alcoholic, wife-beating father Harry (Rush). He can’t p00000lay football. He can’t box. And he plays the piano. When Harry realises that Tony can swim l... Read On

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