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Goon – Review

Doug (Seann William Scott) is the black sheep of the family - he's not a bad guy, just a bit of a gormless failure, when compared with his highly educated and successful brother Ira (David Paetka... Read On

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Dog Pound

Dog Pound – Review

Teenaged drug dealer Davis (Shane Kippel) is busted by the cops while he’s having sex with his girlfriend in his bedroom at his parents’ house. Angel (Mateo Morales) and his mates boost cars at g... Read On

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Chloe – Review

English professor David (Neeson) and leading doctor Catherine (Moore) live in a fantastic hilltop mansion in Toronto with their gifted son Michael (Thieriot). To the outside world, their life see... Read On

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Adoration – Review

Simon (Devon Bostick), a high school student, gets a French translation assignment of a real news story from 1986 about a terrorist who sends his pregnant girlfriend on El Al flight bound to Israe... Read On

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Fifty Dead Men Walking

Fifty Dead Men Walking – Review

Martin (Sturgess) is a charming, teenaged trouble-maker, selling stolen designer clothes from a suitcase, door-to-door, on his run-down catholic estate in west Belfast, in the early 1980s. He’s neve... Read On


Blindness – Review

When a Japanese man suddenly goes blind at the traffic lights, a kindly passer-by helps him home, before speeding off in his car. The Japanese man goes to see an ophthalmologist (Ruffalo) who has no... Read On

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Snow Cake

Snow Cake – Review

British ex-con Alex (Rickman) picks up an eccentric young hitch-hiker, Vivienne (Hampshire), in a remote Canadian road-side diner. She’s on her way to visit her mother, Linda (Weaver.) As they pull ... Read On

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Tideland – Review

Young Jeliza-Rose (Ferland) is unlucky enough to be the daughter of two of the most helpless junkies of modern cinema – failed rock star Noah (Bridges) and Queen Gunhilda (Tilly). When her mother ... Read On

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C.R.A.Z.Y. – Review

Growing up in 1970s Quebec could’ve been a whole lot easier for Zachary (Grondin), were it not for his irritating brothers – the swot, the bully, the druggie and the spoilt baby – and the fact that ... Read On

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Where The Truth Lies

Where The Truth Lies – Review

Vince (Firth) and Lanny (Bacon) are the biggest TV double-act of the 1950s. The suave Vince and wild Lanny were welcomed into living rooms across the US. Every year, they present a mammoth teletho... Read On

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