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The Last Station

The Last Station – Review

When Valentin Bulgakov (James Mc Avoy) is employed as the private secretary of the Great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy (Christopher Plummer), he becomes a pawn in a highly emotional power struggle... Read On

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The White Ribbon

The White Ribbon – Review

Set in a small town in Germany, in the run-up to the First World War, Michael Haneke’s Palme d’Or winning latest portrays a devoutly religious community in which the children don’t seem to take too ... Read On

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Pandorum – Review

Hundreds of years into the future, two crew members of a space flight awake, with no idea who they are, where they are, or where everyone else has got to. Middle aged Payton (Quaid) and twenty-somet... Read On

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Chéri – Review

It’s 1920s Paris and Lea de Lonval (Pfeiffer) is a retired courtesan, spending her romance-less days with ladies who lunch - including Madame Peloux (Bates). Madame Peloux moans about how her teenag... Read On

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Good – Review

In 1930s Germany, literature professor and sometime author John (Mortensen) and doctor Maurice (Isaacs) are inseparable best friends. Maurice is Jewish, John isn’t, but among other things, they shar... Read On

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The International

The International – Review

Interpol agent Louis Salinger (Owen) sees his partner drop dead, seconds after a meeting with a whistle-blower at a big international bank. Salinger is working with New York Assistant District At... Read On

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The Reader

The Reader – Review

In 1950s Berlin, a sickly young Michael (Kross) is helped home by a kindly bus conductor Hanna (Winslet) when she sees him being sick in the street. When he’s better, he returns to thank her and a p... Read On

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Die Welle: The Wave

Die Welle: The Wave – Review

The end of the school year is approaching and the pupils are running out of steam. They need to be inspired, before they drop dead from boredom. Enter teacher Rainer (Vogel), who’s taking a week-lon... Read On

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Mongol – Review

It’s the year 1172, when nine-year-old Emudgin (Odnyam Odsuren), Genghis Khan, rides with his father Esugei (Ba Sen), a tribal leader, or Khan, to make peace with the Merkis, from whom he kidnappe... Read On

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Death at a Funeral

Death at a Funeral – Review

Daniel (Macfadyen) is preparing his home for the funeral service of his father when the body turns up – it’s the wrong body. Ha ha. You get where this film is going. When the right body finally t... Read On

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