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The Counterfeiters  Die Flscher

The Counterfeiters Die Flscher – Review

Towards the end of the Second World War, the Germans are struggling and in need of a new weapon. Concentration camp superintendent Friedrich Herzog (Striesow) remembers that before the war, while he... Read On

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The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others – Review

The people of mid-1980s East Germany can’t do, say of even think anything without the state knowing about it. The Stasi – and their thousands of informers – are everywhere, watching and listening.... Read On

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Eden – Review

The overweight and eccentric master chef Gregor (Ostendorf) befriends Eden (Roche), a waitress, and her 5 year old daughter who has Downs Syndrome. He introduces Eden to his erotic cuisine which she... Read On

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Black Book: Zwartboek

Black Book: Zwartboek – Review

In 1944 Holland, Jewish nightclub singer Rachel (van Houten) is trying to flee to safety when the boat she’s on is ambushed by a Nazi death squad. Everyone on board is sprayed with bullets. Only she... Read On

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Perfume – Review

There are some people whose tragic destinies are pretty much defined by their birth and Grenouille (Whishaw) – the son of an eighteenth century Parisian fish-monger – is just one of them. Squeezed o... Read On

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V For Vendetta

V For Vendetta – Review

The near future. Britain is under the iron fist of a fascist dictator, Chancellor Sutler (Hurt), who rules by barking orders, via a video-link, at his team of henchmen, including the police chief Fi... Read On

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The Dark – Review

Adele (Bello) has separated from James (Bean). They have a daughter, Sarah (Stuckey) together. James has withdrawn to a remote cottage on the Welsh coast, leaving Sarah living with Adele. The couple... Read On

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Hidden – Review

Hidden – Review

Georges (Auteuil) and his wife Anne (Binoche) are going though a bit of a rough spot – with each other and with their teenaged son, Pierrot (Makedonsky). Georges makes his living as the presenter of... Read On

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The Edukators – Review

Anti-capitalist rebels Jan (Brühl) and Peter (Erceg) break into the homes of the wealthy, move the furniture around and leave notes saying “you have too much money.” When Peter is away one weekend, ... Read On

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Downfall – Review

This tells the story of the downfall of Hitler (Ganz) – his last few days in his Berlin bunker, as the Russians closed in and the war and his life drew to a close. Through the eyes of his secreta... Read On

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