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Perfect Sense

Perfect Sense – Review

Michael (Ewan McGregor) is a womanising chef at a posh Glasgow restaurant. Susan (Eva Green) is an epidemiologist at a Glasgow hospital, who happens to live across the alley at the back of Michae... Read On

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A Lonely Place to Die

A Lonely Place to Die – Review

Rob (Alec Newman) is leading a team of experienced mountaineers on a training climb in the Scottish highlands, to prepare them for a far tougher expedition to the Alps. Ed (Ed Speleers) has a lit... Read On

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The Guard – Review

The Guard – Review

Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) is the top dog at the police station in a sleepy coastal town in western Ireland. He's none too impressed by the arrival in town of his new partner f... Read On

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Knuckle – Review

For generations, the Irish traveller community have been fiercely proud of their heritage, prepared to fight to defend the honour of their clans. The Quinn McDonaghs and the Joyces are two of the... Read On

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Once – Review

This is the tale of a guy (Hansard) and a girl (Irglová), who meet on the streets of Dublin. He’s a vacuum-cleaner repairer, who gets his kicks from busking by night. She’s a musically-talented Czec... Read On

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The Wind That Shakes The Barley

The Wind That Shakes The Barley – Review

1920s Ireland, and young doctor Damien (Murphy) is planning to go to London for work, when he witnesses the ruthless occupying British troops savagely beating some friends, for no reason. This pe... Read On

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The Mighty Celt – Review

Fourteen year old Donal (McKenna) lives with his single mother Kate (Anderson) on a Catholic estate in Belfast, soon after the end of the troubles. Tension hangs in the air between the provisional I... Read On

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Adam and Paul – Review

Adam (O'Halloran) and Paul (Murphy), friends since very small boys, are inseparable but desperate Dublin junkies. The film follows the pair through a single day which, like every other, is devoted ... Read On

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