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Hidden – Review

Hidden – Review

Georges (Auteuil) and his wife Anne (Binoche) are going though a bit of a rough spot – with each other and with their teenaged son, Pierrot (Makedonsky). Georges makes his living as the presenter of... Read On

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist – Review

(I hardly need to tell you, but just in case…) Young orphan Oliver Twist (Clark) is thrown out of the workhouse, where he’s living the bleakest of existences, for having the audacity to ask for a se... Read On

Don't Move

Don't Move – Review

Surgeon Timoteo (Castellitto) is called out of the operating theatre after his daughter is seriously hurt in a road accident. Becoming suddenly aware of his loved-one's mortality makes him recall a... Read On

The Merchant of Venice – Review

IT LIKE? A lavish and stunning production by writer/director Michael Radford (White Mischief) in this, the first ever film version of Shakespeare’s comedy/drama. Al Pacino is a tour de force as Shyl... Read On

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