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Churchill: The Hollywood Years – Review

In his finest hour Winston Churchill (Slater) is a young foul mouthed, gun toting American GI who tries to defeat Hitler’s plan to convince King George (Enfield) to join the war against the U.S. Alo... Read On

Enduring Love

Enduring Love – Review

The idyllic English countryside on a perfect summer afternoon. Joe (Craig) is about to propose to Claire (Morton). Suddenly, a hot air balloon crashes into the field. The accident brings the bedr... Read On

DE-LOVELY – Review

Nearing the end of his life, and in failing health, the famed song-writer Cole Porter reflects on his adult years With the help of a mysterious theatre producer (Pryce), he revisits the people and ev... Read On


Michael (Robertson) is bursting with frustration. His mind is sharp but it’s trapped in a body with cerebral palsy. His life is in a rut until the arrival at his care home of cocky Rory (McAvoy) whos... Read On

TRAUMA – Review

Ben (Firth) wakes from a coma to find that his wife died in a car crash. He’s struggling to come to terms with the loss and the guilt – he was driving. As if that’s not enough, he’s the prime suspect... Read On

SAVED – Review

Deep in the heart of the US bible belt, Mary (Malone) is shocked when her high school best friend tells her he’s gay. Weighing up the odds, she concludes it’s best to try to “convert” him, even if it... Read On



Playwright James (JM) Barrie (Depp)’s latest production is a critical flop. The pressure’s on to come up with a hit While walking his dog in the park, he meets widow Sylvia (Winslet) and her four son... Read On


In 1917, five siblings are sent to stay with an eccentric uncle in the country, while their parents help the war effort The housekeeper bans them from the greenhouse, but their curiosity gets the bet... Read On

Layer Cake – Review

Layer Cake – Review

A nameless clean-living drugs middleman (Craig) is persuaded to do one last job He soon finds himself caught up between two drugs kingpins (Cranham and Gambon) who want to run each other out of t... Read On

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