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Beyond The Sea – Review

IT LIKE? It’s a riveting all dancing all singing biopic with Kevin Spacey making a major splash in the starring role. He also directed, co-wrote and produced it. Spacey just blows you away as he sin... Read On

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Surviving Christmas – Review

Surviving Christmas – Review

Dumped by his girlfriend for having no Christmas spirit, Drew (Affleck) feels lonely. He decides to retrace his roots and pays a visit to his childhood home. Assuming he’s a burglar, Tom Valco, whos... Read On

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The Polar Express – Review

At eight years old, our young hero has reached a crisis point: he’s doubting whether Father Christmas really exists. Giving up on Santa on Christmas Eve, he falls asleep, but he's woken by a magica... Read On

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I Heart Huckabees

I Heart Huckabees – Review

S IT LIKE? This almost defies description, calling itself an existential comedy, which makes it sound as pretentious as it is. Films don’t come much more offbeat than this: a slapstick, philosophi... Read On

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Collateral – Review

Cabbie Max (Foxx) is saving up to start a limo firm. It’s been a good night. A sexy passenger invites him to call her later, and his next fare, Vincent (Cruise), offers him 700 to make five sto... Read On

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The Punisher – Review

When the FBI swoop to arrest two young arms dealers, one of them is shot dead. His dad, the ruthless crime boss Howard Saint (Travolta), vows revenge, sending heavies to wipe out the whole family of ... Read On

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DE-LOVELY – Review

Nearing the end of his life, and in failing health, the famed song-writer Cole Porter reflects on his adult years With the help of a mysterious theatre producer (Pryce), he revisits the people and ev... Read On

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Three decades before Father Merrin saved young Regan MacNeil’s soul in the original Exorcist he lost all his faith Traumatised by Nazi brutality, he’d rejected God. But as an archaeologist, excavatin... Read On

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Playwright James (JM) Barrie (Depp)’s latest production is a critical flop. The pressure’s on to come up with a hit While walking his dog in the park, he meets widow Sylvia (Winslet) and her four son... Read On

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BAD SANTA – Review

Willie (Thornton) is a department store Santa and Marcus (Cox) is his elf. But they’re not your typical festive types; they’re miserable, cantankerous losers. Even worse than that, their jobs are jus... Read On

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