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Siobhan Harper-Ryan


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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
TV Jack L . The 27 Club RTE Make-up Designer 2012
TV Stephen Hawking\'s Grand Design Darlow Smithson Dan Clifton Make-up Designer 2011
TV The Savage Eye. Series II & III Bl!nder Films Kieron.J.Walsh & Damien O\'Donnell Make-up Designer 2010
TV Churchill\'s Darkest Decision Furnace TV Richard Bond Make-up Designer 2010
Feature Film Sherlock Holmes Warner Bros Guy Richie Make-up Artist 2009
TV Mainstage Channel X Make-up Designer 2008
TV Sucka Fu Channel X Make-up Designer 2008
TV Tom & Barunka Comedy Lab Rough Cut Make-up Designer 2008
TV UXB Channel X Make-up Designer 2008
Commercials Top Gum (Wrigleys) Pett TV Make-up Designer 2007
TV Golf War Channel X Make-up Designer 2007
TV Titty Bang Bang Series III Pett TV/BBC Make-up Designer 2007
TV Swinging Series II Monkey Make-up Designer 2006
TV The Charlotte Church Show Pilot Monkey Make-up Designer 2006
TV Titty Bang Bang II Pett Television Make-up Designer 2006
TV A Bears Christmas Tail Bellyache Make-up Designer 2005
TV A Bears Tail Bellyache Prosthetics Designer 2005
TV Bo Selecta 3 Talk Back Make-up Designer 2005
TV Swinging Monkey Make-up Designer 2005
TV Charles Darwin TBS Live INC Make-up Designer 2004
TV The History of Magic BBC Make-up Designer.SFX 2004
Feature Film Love-sick:Sick Love Dark Black Films Make up Designer.SFX 2003
TV Let's Write A Story CBBC Make-up Designer.SFX 2003
Theatre Theatrical Make Up Workshops The Nuffield Theatre Teacher 2003
Feature Film Photo-Finish S Films Make-up Designer 2002
Short Film Post FilmFour Lab Make-up & Costume Designer 2002
TV Leonardo's Dream Machines ITN Factual/CH4 Make-up & Costume Designer 2002
TV Richard and Judy Cactus Television SpecialFX Make-up Artist 2002
Commercials 'The King' Burger King Notorious Films Make-up Artist 2001
Documentary The Real Eve Granada/Discovery Channel Make-up Designer.SFX 2001
Short Film The Girl in the Red Dress Cacti Films Make-up Designer 2001
TV Tales of Uplift & Moral Improvement Channel X /BBC Make-up Designer.SFX 2001
Feature Film The Trouble with Men & Women Next Wave Films Make-up Designer 2000