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Catogory Title Director My Role Year
Feature Film Summer Wit Miami (Commission by Royal Flush) Valentine Ehonjie Screenwriter 2012
Short Film Eye of the Storm Writer 2009
Short Film "The Motionless Man"Suspense/Drama Writer 2007
Feature Film "Black Beads & Oak Leaves"(Commission) Script Doctor 2007
Short Film "Text Love"ScreenplayLoveStory/BuddieMovie Writer/Director/Co-Producer 2006
Theatre "On the Way Home"10-13y.oShortDrama(Commission) Writer 2005
Feature Film "Cat or Mouse?"LoBudgPsychologicalHorrorD'v'lopmt Writer 2005
Feature Film "Just Jay"UPBEATYouthAdventure-Dev'lopm't Writer/Director/Co-Producer 2005
Feature Film "Sam" -Crime/Drama with comedy-Development Writer 2005
Animation Sailor Sid (Commission)Under5'sTV Writer 2005
Animation "Auschwitz Sequence"-MixedMediaShort-Pre-P Writer/Director/Producer 2005
Animation "Lips"-Mystical Romance Short-Pre-Production Writer/Director/Producer 2005
Feature Film "WhiskeyMac"-Crime/Drama(setUSA)-Screenplay Writer 2004
Short Film "Tortoise"DramRomComWorldTour(USA)/Exhib't'd(UK) Writer/Director/Producer 2002
Short Film "Ball&Chain"Comedy (Commission)Comedy Writer 1999
Feature Film "The Gytrash"-Costume/RomDrama-Adapt'ion-Treatment Writer 1998
Feature Film "Xanadu"-MagicalContempAdv'ture-Treatment Writer 1998
Feature Film "Eskimos"-Magical Rom/Com-Screenplay Writer 1997
Feature Film "My Grandad's Copper Plate"-Fict Biopic-Screenplay Writer 1997
Feature Film "Tomorrow?"-Mystical Epic(setEire)-Treatment Writer 1997
Feature Film "The Head of a King"Costume Epic Adapt-Treatment Writer 1996
Animation "Kelltick Kronickalls"Feature Development Writer 1987