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Christopher Wilson


I work full time as a Walk On / Stand In / Body Double / or Supporting artist, for Film, TV, and also Photographic shoots. In adition I have worked on a number of Major Film and a considerable number of Major TV series as a Body Double and / or Stand In.I am very experianced in playing roles such as Police Officer, PCSO, Prison Officer, Amercian Police Officer, Airline Pilot, Paramedic, and also own many original uniforms, Police Officer, Constable, 1960s Police Officer, CO19, Riot, Police, 1970s Police Officer, NYPD, PCSO,,also Airline Pilot, Ambulance Paramedic, Postman, current, 1980s Postman, Cash in Transit, Security Guard, Traffic Warden, Army (solidier 95) Barrister, Bank Manager, Solicitor, Estate Agent, Court Official, Also i am sometimes avaliable at short notice, please call me anytime on 07710 850266 to discuss.


PO BOX 572 Knaphill, Surrey, GU21 2YP, Greater London, United Kingdom


07710 850266


07710 850266


United Kingdom





Actor, Extra, Model

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Eastern European, English

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Police, Driver, Army Basic Military Experiance, Financial Services, Solicitor, Bank Manager, Prison Officer, PCSO, Traffic Warden own uniforms, any Legal Parts, Body Double, Stand In, Muscian (Ex pro 16 years Bass Guitar)

Additional Info

As i am of heavy build, i am able to play military and Police type roles, i own a number of various uniforms including Police, Prison Warden, Ambulance Paramedic, Security Guard, Postman, and a number of other types. I also own a considerable number of suits ties Dinner Jackets etc.Please contact me for an up to date CV, or if you have any offers of work.


Many years of experiance in Television, Films, Music Videos,, College course as Muscian, Kingston Upon Thames University of Law


Sort By:
Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
Corporate Home Office Customs Officer 2008
Feature Film Harry Potter & The Half blood Prince Yak Man 2008
Music Video brigade Police Armed Responce 2008
TV Secret Diary of a Call Girl Regular Punter 2008
TV Survivors Paramedic 2008
Feature Film The Crew Property Developer 2007
Feature Film The Dark Knight MCU Detective 2007
TV Torchwwood Chief Constable 2007
Commercials BBC Commonwealth Games Boxing Manager 2006
Commercials BBC Radio Rebrand White Van Man 2006
Commercials C4 Film Four Celebrity Sale Tourist 2006
Commercials Sony Playstation Parent 2006
Commercials Tesco Mobile Manager 2006
Feature Film Amazing Grace Member of Parliment 2006
Feature Film Death Defying Acts Houdini Press Reporter 2006
Feature Film Death at a Funeral Undertaker Stand In 2006
Feature Film Flood Armed Police SO19 2006
Feature Film Golden Compass Magisterial Armed Police 2006
Feature Film Harry Potter Order of Phoenix Muggle 2006
Feature Film London Police Driver 2006
Feature Film Lycanthropy Police Armed Responce 2006
Feature Film Mutant Chronicles Brother Samuel Body Double 2006
Feature Film Stardust Aristocrat 2006
Feature Film The Riddle (Vinnie Jones) Police Officer 2006
TV Afterlife Postman 2006
TV All in the Game Football Director 2006
TV Amazing Mrs Pritchard Returning Officer 2006
TV Bad Girls Bank Manager Hostage 2006
TV Blue Murder Police Officer 2006
TV Casualty Beaten Up Wedding Guest 2006
TV City Lights Police Officer 2006
TV Dalziel & Pasco Multi Episodes CID Officer 2006
TV Dream Team Hotel Porter 2006
TV Dream Team Multi Episodes Football Exec 2006
TV Extras Cameraman 2006
TV Five Days Police Officer 2006
TV GoldPlated Terry 2006
TV Holby City Multi Episodes Patient 2006
TV Hollyoaks in the City Police Officer 2006
TV John Buckan John S Blenkerion 2006
TV Last Detective Multi Episodes Police Officer 2006
TV Last Flight to Kuwait Passenger Hostage 2006
TV Life On Mars Swinger 2006
TV Mayo Multi Episodes Club Guest 2006
TV Mobile Police Officer CID 2006
TV Nearly History 1970s Police Officer 2006
TV New Street Law Multi Episodes Barrister 2006
TV New Tricks Police Officer 2006
TV Party Animals MP 2006
TV Persuasian Gentleman 2006
TV Pobol Y Com Camper 2006
TV Pobol Y Com Multi Episodes Head Waiter 2006
TV Prime Suspect The Final Act Armed Police CO19 2006
TV Silent Witness Police Officer 2006
TV Spooks Paramedic 2006
TV Spooks Police Officer 2006
TV Stuart a Life Backwards Police Officer 2006
TV The Bill Barman 2006
TV The Bill Defence Solicitor 2006
TV The Bill Prison Officer 2006
TV The Haunted Airman Postman 1940s 2006
TV Titty Bang Bang Estate Agent 2006
TV Torchwood Dr Who Robbery Victim 2006
TV Trial & Retribution 13 Prison Officer 2006
TV Waking The Dead Military Collector 2006
Feature Film Breaking the Cycle Solicitor 2005
Feature Film Da Vinci Code Newton Funeral Guest 2005
Feature Film Flirting with Flamenco CID Officer 2005
Feature Film Heroes and Villians Male Escort 2005
Feature Film Messages Police Officer 2005
Feature Film V for Vendetta Radio Comms Officer 2005
Feature Film V for Vendetta Soldier 2005
Short Film State of Mind Ex Naval officer 2005
TV Casualty Office Manager 2005
TV Casualty Sales Rep 2005
TV Cracker Hotel Guest 2005
TV Dalziel & Pasco Multi Episodes CID Officer 2005
TV Doctors Consultant 2005
TV Doctors Police Officer CID 2005
TV Elizabeth David a Life in Recipies Auction Purchaser 2005
TV HG Wells At War With The World BBC Reporter 2005
TV Judge John Deed Court Usher 2005
TV Mayo Multi Episodes Neighbour 2005
TV Real Hustle Multi Episodes Scam Victim 2005
TV The Shell Seekers Undertaker 2005
TV Ultimate Force Armed Police SO19 2005
Commercials Butlins Bass Guitarist 1984