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Catogory Title Director My Role Year
Feature Film finger of god writers benson and Mary Albanese 2008
Feature Film bright water (based on a ture story) (idea) writer 2008
Short Film B.O.B writer 2008
Short Film philomena writer 2008
Short Film kill babys with hammers writer 2008
Short Film 13teen Writer 2007
Short Film Clown juice writer 2007
Feature Film Milk writers benson and Mary Albanese 2007
Short Film the powder coated rabbit writer 2007
Short Film Children of the soul (idea) writer 2007
Short Film Happiness isen`t always golden writer 2007
Short Film 53 miles from Poland writer 2007
Short Film Cloud watchers wrtier 2007
Feature Film Suddenly one Sunday: "The story of martin byant" writer 2007
Short Film 6-years wrtier 2007
Short Film Cloud watchers writer 2007
Short Film wet dog writer 2007
Editorial we shoot pigs with machine guns writer 2007
Editorial jew girl (idea) writer 2007
Documentary Down the blind ally- documentary/film (dogma 95) idea 2007
Short Film warp (idea) idea 2007
Short Film the grave yard writer/filmed/edited 2007
Short Film video art writer 2007
Short Film video art writer 2007
Documentary the "COOPERS" writer 2007
Short Film Golden shores writer 2006
Short Film cut above the rest wrtier 2006
Editorial cherry lime (1st draft) writer 2006
Documentary harmony korine the "**** child of cinema" idea 2006
Short Film plastic bags in tress writer 2005
Short Film small flowers crack concrete writer 2005
Short Film Love in the family writer 2005
Short Film boys and girls writer 2005
Documentary Toy factory-documentary idea 2005
Short Film Kidney bean writer 2004
Animation kookie writer (5 parts) 2004