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Bill Hayes


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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
Feature Film Bono, Bob, Brian and Me Shooting Pictures Location Manager 2007
TV The Candidate Hat Trick Productions Unit Manager 2007
Feature Film In Your Dreams Magnet Films Location Manager 2006
Feature Film Oh Happy Day Firebrand Films Location Manager 2006
TV Animals Blast Films / More4 Location Manager 2006
Commercials Head and Shoulders Hanarhan/ Saatchi Location Scout 2005
Feature Film "Romantic Journey" Himalaya Films. India Location Manager 2005
Short Film Gone to the Dogs Ralph's Productions Location Manager 2005
TV Animals Blast Films / More 4 Location Manager 2005
TV Station Idents Playboy TV Location manager 2005
Commercials Barratts Homes The BIz TV Location manager 2004
Commercials Chang Beer Procine Productions Production co-oordinator 2004
Commercials EU Development through Sport 2004 The Biz TV Location manager 2004
Commercials Vodofone Idents Location manager Renegade Films 2004
Feature Film Farming Entiti Productions Location manager 2004
Feature Film In a Day Six 400 Productions Location Manager 2004
Feature Film "In a Day" NW3 Films Location Manager 2004
Short Film "Tomato Delivery" Tractor Films Location manager 2004
TV Darren Brown "Trick of the Mind" Channel 4 / Object Prods asst Location Manager 2004
Corporate "Bognor Birdman live coverage" Primexposure Floor/Unit manager 2003
Documentary "Hello Kitty London Diary" Video Tech/JVC Production Co-ordinator 2003
Feature Film Underbelly Brownian motion Films Location Manager 2003
Feature Film "The Rullers, The Dealers & the Losers" RDL Productions Location manager 2003
Short Film Call Register Big Hob Films Location manager 2003
Short Film Lift The Scripthouse Location manager 2003
Short Film "Long Way Home" Vashon Films Location Manager 2003
Corporate "Solving Performance Problems" Cambridge Film & TV Location Manager 2002
Feature Film Day of the Sirens Imaginfilms Location Manager 2002
Short Film Home Primal Pictures Location Manager 2002
Short Film "The Burl" New Moon Productions Location Manager 2002
Short Film "The Nugget Run" Zig Zag Productions Location Manager 2002
TV "Burt Wolf's What we Eat" Acorn/PBS Location Manager 2002
Corporate "Ultinmate Stress Show" Firehouse/Video arts Location Manager 2001
Feature Film No1:Longing,No2:Regret World on Fire Prods Ltd Location Manager 2001
Music Video Funny Break - Orbital Serious Pictures Location Manager 2001
Short Film The Apology Primal Pictures Location Manager 2001
Feature Film 9 Dead Gay Guys 9 Films Ltd/Little Wings Location manager 2000
Feature Film Black Souls Footware Films Loc manager 2000
Short Film "Walk of Life" Warren Films Ltd Location Manager 2000
TV Tomorrows World - Mongolia BBC/Moving Brands Location consultant 2000
Documentary Cameroon Balloons NHK Hi Def Service Director 1999
Documentary Frodsham Clock story NHK Hi Def Service Director 1999
Documentary Whitechapel Bell Foundry NHK Hi Definition Service researcher/loc man 1998
Music Video PJ Harvey - Nice Day Dreamchaser Prods Location Manager 1998
Commercials Mariel Wedding Dresses Nagoya TV Location manager 1997
Documentary Orphans of Manchuria October Films/CH 4 Asst Prod/researcher 1997
Music Video Sven Vath - Fusion Dreamchaser Prods Location manager 1997
TV London Wedding Journey Nagoya TV researcher/ loc manager 1997