Henry Cavill plays Superman

Henry Cavill plays SupermanDominating the charts in not only the US but in the United Kingdom as well, is the highly anticipated Man of Steel, a reboot of the Superman franchise, making an astounding £11,198,786 at this weekend’s box office.

Produced by Christopher Nolan, British actor Henry Cavill stars as Clark Kent, an alien sent to earth from a dying planet, who’s adopted by a couple in Kansas and has to use his extraordinary powers to protect earth from a sinister evil.

Including four time Oscar nominee Amy Adams, Man of Steel stars a whole host of esteemed actors such as Oscar Nominee Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road) and both Academy Award winners Kevin Costner (Dances with Wolves) and Russell Crowe (Gladiator). Hans Zimmer was also chosen to write the score for the film.

At second spot, is After Earth starring Will and Jaden Smith, playing a father and son duo stranded on earth after apocalyptic events forced humanity to abandon it for a new planet. Directed by M. Night Shyamaden, After Earth brought in £1,231,671 this weekend at the box office, bringing in its grand total in the UK at £4,776,087 in its second week.

Hanging in there at third is The Hangover Part III which made a gross of £17,975,953 after four weeks on screens whilst making £861,554 at this weekend’s box office.

Fourth place, animation film Epic by 20th Century Fox made £852,831 this weekend after four weeks in the top five whilst, Behind the Candelbra trails just behind making £622,144 this weekend in the UK.

Films to watch out for next weekend: World War Z (an apocalyptic horror film starring Brad Pitt), A Haunted House (a satirical comedy film starring Marlon Wayans) and Snitch (an American crime drama film starring Dwayne Johnson).