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    On behalf of everyone who is is involved with ukscreen, I’d like to say thank you Joe for keeping everyone notified of all of these scams, and I wish you and everyone else a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2007!


    As a member of Equity, you can definately count me in Joe. The sooner we can stop all of these scams the better!


    Okay it’s getting late and I was a bit stupid…….the email is correct, I by mistake instead of……..I guess I forgot to take my medication today!


    Thanks Keith for the casting tip off, but the email address seems to be incorrect.


    Good message……..I’ll be voting!


    Hi Paul,
    The “Contacts” book may be purchased from The Spotlight 020 7437 7631


    Hello again Sharon,
    I’ve been looking through my plays and Monologue books at home, and you might want to look at “Bazaar & Rumage” by Sue Townsend which has some good monologues in it. Also I’ve found some nice ones in the Methuen Audition Book, namely “Stella” in “Whale Music by Anthony Minghella, “Jean” in “Find Me” by Olwen Wymark, “Louisa” in “The Art of Success” by Nick Dear, “Eileen” in “Not With a Bang” by Mike Harding, and “Chris” in “Raspberry” by Tony Marchant. These can all be played in a R.P. accent and by some-one around the age of 30.
    Good luck again


    Hi, it’s a bit short notice, but try the web site, they have lots of monologues on-line for free! They are mostly monologues from films, but they do have a section from plays too. I would suggest though that whatever monologue you finally decide on, that you read the whole play to get a proper feel of the character. I hope the site helps. Good luck!


    Although I don’t do extra work myself,I have quite a few friends who are involved in that area of the biz, and from what they’ve told me in conversation, it seems that it’s a good idea to register with as many agencies as possible if you want to keep in regular work.
    In regards to paying an agency to appear on their books, I wouldn’t normally reccomend going with them. However, if you need to get some photos done anyway, £100 is roughly the going rate for a set so it would seem to be ok. You should however make absolutely sure that you can use those photos for other publications such as “Spotlight”, as you will require the permission of the photographer to use the photos in such publications.
    Good luck with your career!


    Hello Bill,
    I am very interested in your forthcoming project, and invite you to take a look at my page on ukscreen to see if you think I would be suitable for it. Alternatively, I can also email you my cv and photo, but at the moment I do not have your email address, so if you’d like me to do that please email me at http://[email protected].
    Many thanks for you taking your time to read this message
    Kind regards
    Bryony Growdon


    Hello Jody,
    Yes I am trained in musical theatre. With regards to your finding a good teacher in your area a stage school may be the best idea – I’m presuming that you are under 18. However, stage schools can work out quite expensive, in which case I would ask them to reccomend a teacher of musical theatre in your area.
    You say that you got into musical theatre through your mum’s Andrew Lloyd Webber CD, you may also want to listen to some other modern composers as well eg. Stephen Sondheim, Maury Yeston, Kander & Ebb, Cy Coleman, to name but a few, hopefully you will like their music too.
    Good luck in finding a teacher
    Kind regards


    Though primarily an actress, I have had to compere a fair amount of shows. I am bright, intelligent, and very bubbly and feel that I would be ideal for your show. Oh yes, I am also extremely MODEST!!
    Please visit my page at ukscreen.
    Kind regards
    Bryony Growdon


    Dear Phil,
    Agents can be a very strange breed! but I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with Helens comments to you. I am glad that you haven’t been put off by the agents you have contacted, and that you have the tenacity to succeed. You will find that agents are quite unwilling to talk to you on the telephone, and it is often best to invite them to a showcase or preferably a production you are involved in, by writing to them first and including a S.A.E. Whatever you do, don’t sign up with an agent who asks for money from you to go on their books, a genuine agent will never do this.
    Finally, what do you do if you can’t get an agent? Well it’s not the end of the world, what you need to do is have an easy to read CV no more than 2 pages long, and a really good black and white photograph. Once you have one, you will need some reproductions done, there are many photographic studios who offer this service, and you can find them in a book called “Contacts” which is published by “The Spotlight”, this book also contains details of agents who specialise in child actors. It is also a good idea to register with Spotlight as a lot of casting directors will only take submissions from actors with a number. Then it’s a good idea to subscribe to a casting service such as PCR, Casting People etc, as you will then get up to the minute jobs throughout the industry. Finally for experience, there are many companies who produce Variety shows for Charities at London theatres such as The London Palladium, and these companies tend to advertise at the back of “The Stage”.
    I hope this information has helped you, and keep battling on!
    Kind regards
    Bryony Growdon

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