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Catogory Title Director My Role Year
Feature Film Re-Uniting the Rubins Ship Steward (James) 2009
Commercials Ident for Trisha Show & Web site/In-store photos Chav man (Marty) 2008
Documentary The Real I.R.A Dean 2007
TV Various (Short/BBC3/Channel 4) Various 2007
Corporate National Site Plan Web Site/Broch (1994) 2006
Commercials Wallmart/Asda George Clothing Business Man in Boxers! 2005
Corporate Lets Re-Cycle Campaign Megaphone Manager 2005
Corporate Myer Squib Doctor David Bryant (Bristol Accent) 2005
Corporate National Re-Cycle Campaign Local Authority Manager 2005
Commercials Dreams Bed Superstore PLC Featured Customer 2004
Commercials Voda Fone Ident Ident Customer 2004
Corporate Dockers clothing Traffic Warden 2004
Corporate Nissan Car Launch (shown IN-HOUSE ONLY) Customer/Driver (Acted with J Jordan & Neil Parke) 2004
Corporate Teacher (Photographic) Eng Language Brochure 2004
Documentary Fooling Hitler R.A.F Tech (1-4 page scripted) 2004
Editorial C.O.I Group of Stock Brokers 2004
Editorial Face For Epson Prints/Image sizing device 2 Expressions being printed of my face 2004
Editorial Sunday League Footballer Photographic 2004
Short Film Anger Manage Member of Group, AD Lib for 90 mins 2004
Short Film Number 10 (Comedy) Peter Mandleson 2004
TV Lenny Henry Show Sound man (dubbed voice of Lenny) 2004
TV Silent Witness Customs Officer (1 Episode) 2004
TV The Bill Simon (old Ladie's son, 1 Line) 2004
Theatre Murder Mystery Night Captain of a ship 2004
Video Spring Heeled Jack Insp Wilson 2004
Commercials Nip/Tuck,PROMO (new US show) Doctor/Surgeon(Not in TVSeries!) 2003
Commercials Voda Fone (Becks,Nevilles) Business Man 2003
Feature Film Untitled Mike Leigh's Film Probation Officer(1950's) 2003
TV Int King of Sport Coach 2003
TV Murder in Suburbia Black Tie Dancer (Jazz) 2003
Theatre Midnight Fire Simon Searle (Lead) 2003
Theatre Winston Churchill's Aid(Co-lead) 2003
Commercials Daily Mirror Father 2002
TV Health Watch Executive (Vox Pop.speaking) 1998
Commercials Groom Photo's 1997
Corporate Surveyor (IN A SITE PLAN BROCHURE) Photo's( I was employed at OS but not as Srvyor) 1994
Short Film Death Sails Clyde (USA) 1994