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Johnny White


Hi, My name is John, I have worked for a number of years on TV, Radio and Film and have always had a great desire to broaden my horizons. I'm always ready for a new challenge and give 100 percent to all work taken on. I have always led a very full and very active life. I have sometimes, due to my line of work, found myself in very difficult situations which I have always overcome. I find that through the life experiences which I have gained over the years these allows me to give full commitment in what ever I do which in turn makes me a better person.


3 Britannia Road, London, E14 3RG, Greater London, United Kingdom


020 7537 0307




United Kingdom


English, Some German, Some French



Actor, Extra, Presenter, Voice Over

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Native London, Cockney, Good ear for accents.

Relevent Skills

Psychologist,Freefall Parachutist (HAHO) & (LALO) HGV 1 Driver, Skill at Arms Instructor (Small & Full Bore Weapons), Special Duties, House Clearance, Riot Control, KGV1 Course. First Aid Trainer & Tester. Fully trained in both Jungle & Urban warfare (Combat). Also Completed Military Parachute courses in England, France & Germany. I'm always willing to carry out stunt work when and if required.

Additional Info

Being in the Army has taught me to have respect for others and to help those less fortunate than myself. I'm always willing to learn and take advice from others without question. I will endeavour to tackle and complete any task set for me. I'm still serving in the Territorial Army and therefore one of my favorite quote's is "In the middle of a problem there is always a solution" and I believe it.


Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Counselling,Skill at Arms Instructor., Full Car/ Full Motorbike Licence, HGV Class 1, Free Fall Parachutist., Qualified RCO (Range Control Officer) Commissioned Officer., First Aid Trainer. Horse Rider. Swimming. Body Guard. Doorman., Stunt Work.


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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
Commercials Halifax BBC Walk on 2009
Commercials Mobile Phone BBC Dancer 2009
Radio Victim Support BBC Radio Speaker 2009
TV Murder Most Horrid BBC Victim of Crime with dialogue 2008
Radio CICA BBC Radio Speaker on CICA 2007
Short Film Quinton Mark Player, John Leeves Quinton 2007
Commercials British Gas BBC Walk On 2006
Short Film Catch the Moon Robert McKeown News Agent with dialogue 2006
Commercials ASBO TV Walk on Victim 2005
Feature Film Children of Men British Films Border Guard/Military Police 2005
Feature Film Life N Lyrics British Films Market Trader (Flower Seller) 2005
Feature Film V for VENDETTA Warner Bro's Productions V's (Guy Folks) 2005
Video Homophobic Crime Victim Support Victim of Crime with dialogue 2005
Radio Living after Crime Channel 5 Live Victim 2004
Short Film Hurtgen Forest Johnny Oddball Tecnical Advisor 2004
TV Tonight Trevor McDonald BBC Featured artist with dialogue 2003
TV I Live in Fear Kilroy ITV Victim 2002
TV Friday Night Live ITV Victim of Crime with dialogue 2001
TV Victim of Crime Johnathan Maitland ITV Walk on with dialogue 2001
Radio Victim Support BBC Radio Victim of Crime with dialogue 2000
TV Fighting Crime 2 Esther Ranzen BBC Victim of Crime with dialogue 2000
TV Living with the Aftermath of Crime LWT Victim of Crime with dialogue 1999
TV Up Close & Personal LWT Victim with dialogue 1999
Radio Victim Support Week Two-Ten Communications Support Worker/Victim 1998
TV Forbidden Stories Channel Four Victim of Crime with dialogue 1998
Radio Fighting Crime 1 BBC Radio Victim of Crime with dialogue 1997