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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights – Review

On a trip to Liverpool, the Yorkshire farm owner Mr Earnshaw (Paul Hilton) finds a young black boy (Solomon Glave) sleeping rough. He takes him back to his home, Wuthering Heights, adopts him into... Read On

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Fish Tank

Fish Tank – Review

Teenaged tearaway Mia (Jarvis) lives in a run-down tower-block on a run-down Essex estate with her run-down Essex-girl mum (Wareing) and run-down tearaway younger sister Tyler (Griffiths). Mia is... Read On

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Red Road

Red Road – Review

Jackie (Dickie) spends her life watching other people – working at a Glasgow CCTV monitoring centre. It’s clear that she doesn’t find anything in her own life worth watching. One day, she spots s... Read On

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