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Archives / Directors / Mike Nichols

Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind – Review

When Mr Fletcher (Glover) leaves New York for a few days, he leaves Mike (Def) in charge of his video-rental store -- the last VHS place in town. One night after work, Mike's best friend Jerry (Bla... Read On

Charlie Wilsons War

Charlie Wilson’s War – Review

In 1980s America, Charlie Wilson (Hanks) was a playboy Congressman from Texas. While relaxing in a jacuzzi with strippers in a Las Vegas bar (as you do), he sees a news report about Afghanistan’s po... Read On

Closer – Review

This is the story of four strangers whose lives become inextricably linked. Dan (Law) becomes obsessed with photographer Anna (Roberts) during a photo shoot for the cover of his new book. She turns ... Read On