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2 actresses needed for feature film (paid)

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    We are looking for two actresses to play lead roles in our new feature film, NightDragon. In one line : A criminal has the dilemma of whether to risk her life to try and save her lover, who she has betrayed. The roles are Liz (the criminal) and Millie (the betrayed).
    NightDragon is a low budget thriller, equity minimum will be paid and of directors end profits post sale for distribution. We are shooting on HD, on location in London and the final film will be 80 minutes long.
    The characters :
    > LIZ (Mid thiries, brunette)
    Liz is an amoral vixen, working for a cabal of criminals as a professional honey trap, seducing people for information, blackmail etc. Liz’s latest target is Millie, a lawyer who knows the identity of a key witness of an up and coming murder trial. Liz is assigned to seduce her and find out the identity, but to her surprise along the way she falls in love with Millie.
    The role of Liz will be physically demanding, with the film containing several co-ordinated fight sequences. Drivers license also required.
    > MILLIE (Mid twenties, blonde)
    Millie is an innocent, a tough laywer granted, but no experience of how the world really works. Her trusting nature making her an easy mark for a professional like Liz. Following her betrayal, she is filled with rage towards Liz, but through the course of the film this will fade into understanding, and a reconciliation of their true feelings for one another.
    The role of Millie will be challenging, a significant part of her screen time she will be bound with barbed wire, and high on an injected fictional drug called NightDragon, that gives you the time of your life until it kills you.
    Both roles require a degree of nudity for a sex scene, to be storyboarded and agreed upon before closed set shoot.
    The dates :
    ½ day script reading in august TBC
    2 days rehearsals in august TBC
    Monday 27th August – Saturday 1st September (6 days)
    Monday 3rd September – Saturday 8th September (6 days)
    The Millie character will only be needed for 7 our of the 12 actual shooting days, Liz needed for pretty much all 12.
    These auditions will be held in central london, location TBC, on Friday 13th July.
    Please drop us a line with your details, and we’ll be in touch to confirm if we’d like to see you, and arrange a time on this day.

    Profile photo of

    Hi there
    I would like to audition for the part of Millie, I think that I am suited to this role both physically and can relate to the nature described. Could you please provide further details regarding the apllication process and location of castings etc. Should you wish to view further images on of myself rather than those contained within my profile, along with eamples of work I have done please refer to http://www.myspace.com/officialcherisezoe My e-mail address is [email protected].
    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Many thanks
    Cherise Zoe Conroy


    where did it say student short film?!!!!


    I am writing to you as a working actor who would like very much to be considered for work on your student short film. As indicated by the enclosed resume I have just completed my Screen Acting course at the London Academy of Radio Television and Film.
    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to having the opportunity to audition for you soon.
    Dorothy Dionisio


    Please could anyone interested in these roles (including those that have replied on here) email me at [email protected] including a headshot and details of feature experience. This is purely to help admin, and have all applicants in one place.
    Thank you


    Please consider me for the role of Liz. Regards. Chandana


    I definitely would be interested travelling to UK soon, do have a look at my profile.


    Dear Drew,
    I would love to be considered for the role of Liz in Night Dragon. Please take a look at my page. I am booked on an intensive Stage Fighting Course in July, so hopefully I should have my Level 1 by August.
    Katherine Shirley

    Profile photo of Leila Gould
    Leila Gould

    Hello – Please take a look at my profile and contact me at [email protected]


    I would like to be considered. Please view my profile. Thank you

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