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    About six months ago I spent two months subscribing to Castnet, and unfortunately didn’t get any auditions. I’d like to hear from other people who’ve used the service, as I’m considering rejoining, but would like to know those that benefit from it, and how they may differ from me!
    Sally Claire


    Hi Sally
    I joined Castnet for a short time, and I didn’t get anything either. I got the feeling that unless you were put forward by an agent for these jobs, they weren’t really interested. Like you, I’d also be interested to hear of anyone who had got something through them. The work I have got has come through UK Screen and similar sites, and I for one would like to thank them for their hard work.

    Profile photo of Daniel Page
    Daniel Page

    I love it
    Ive been a member for over a year and at the moment havent really stopped working
    A lot of their information is for un-paid work but if you need a showreel or more theatre credits just to get agents or casting directors to show up its a really good starting block
    I have been really lucky and in the past year gave up my job and become a full time actor again and yes with some really good paid work projects
    They give you the information and if you want to submit via them you can over the internet or by phone and if you feel it would be better to submit yourself by your own e-mail or letter the information is there to do so
    I do know of some casting directors and other industry people that dont like the service for various reasons but thats where you can “do it yourself”
    I also know of some actors who it doesnt work for but i think its one of those services that you need to give it time
    good luck everyone and keep working at it
    Daniel Page


    True, however I subscribed for over two months- which is £60 i shan’t see again…
    occassionally I’ve had problems getting access to the contact details- you’re right about them submitting a lot of people- a friend of mine recieve 80 for one part, and could find me amongst them.
    I found a lot of info is the same as castcall and catweb, which are both really good- so I’m still a bit hesitant about joing castnet. I’m not from a drama school, which probably doesn’t help matters- that and I’m a young woman!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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