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This topic contains 7 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by Profile photo of James Preece James Preece 16 years, 2 months ago.

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    Hiya Aaron, I paid 4 a yrs membership with e-media-c. Didnt get 1 job, not 1 audition! Then I heard about UKscreen, which offers much of a muchness (if not better) 4 free! E-media-c do run lots of workshops which cud come in handy if u were looking 2 gain experience. As the others hav already sed, get yrself a proper agent and, if u can afford it, subscribe 2 Spotlight. Every1 looks in Spotlight! Best of luck.

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    Sharon Jones

    I’ve been with e-media-c for several months now and like the others, have not got a single casting through them. They’re very friendly etc but not providing me with work.

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    Aaron Oliver

    Has anyone out there heard of a casting agency called ‘e-media-c’? I recieved a info pack from them (which I had to pay £1.35 for missing the delivery). They sound really good but are they? If anyone has any information on this agency I would love to hear from you.
    Many Thanks
    Aaron O

    Profile photo of Alan Doney
    Alan Doney

    I tried to join online but tapped in all my details and it twice failed.
    I have heard from two people that they have had nothing from them but I don’t know enough?
    I think they just get u noticed on web site so casting agents can choose you from it?
    Prob better to join good agency that you can meet face to face? That u know are puting you forward for work, but I guess others may have diff opinion?

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    Hi, I have been with them all year and not heard a thing. I will not renew this year, I have spoken to someone who did get a job via them, and some poeple have said they are good. They are quite freindly to deal with, but for me, no work means money better spent elsewhere

    Good luck Bob


    Yeah Aaron i am with them they are not an agency but just provide another means for casting directors to find your face. I would save my cash if i were u.

    Profile photo of Aaron Oliver
    Aaron Oliver

    Thankyou to eveyone who has responded to my query. This has definately given me more of an idea about this ONLINE agency. I think I will just stick with the agencies I am already with. Thanks again eveyone!!!!

    Profile photo of James Preece
    James Preece

    Hi Aaron,
    I joined e-media-c about 8 months ago and have had absolutely NOTHING from them. As others have said, they seem really friendly but the blurb sounded so promising I must say I’m very disappointed. I have no intention of renewing next year – there are much better companies out there !

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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