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Help on reality / docu/ fly on the wall idea

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    Jennifer Lee

    Hi there
    Im hoping for some advice, i have a very very good idea for a reality/docu type program.
    I havnt seen it done before ( although it might have been ) its a very very good idea however and i would like to put it into action. The only thing is i personally dont have the skills myself so im not sure what to do and how i can go ahead with the least risk of the idea being nicked.
    1. I can go to the bigboys of tv with the idea and see if they are interested – nicking possibility huge im sure plus id need some advice on what i would need to do/ show/ plan out and how to go about it.
    2. I could go to a smaller company/ film maker and see if we could work together in hopes of selling to a major comapny – still risks!
    I dont have money to put into the project, however considering what it is the only costs would be production and crew etc.
    Any Help and advice would be greatly apprieciated as it is such a good idea and would make great television, im just not realy sure where to begin. x

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    Hi Jennifer
    1) To go to the ‘big boys’ (terrestrial TV channels) you have to go through a production company as they don’t usually accept applications / ideas etc from individuals or members of the public.
    2) Based on the above – find one you can trust (recommendations / credits etc) and discuss your initial idea with them to see if they are A, interested and B are able to put your idea into a concept and format that the channel(s) will accept as an application.
    3) Safeguard your idea from copyright. There are some online sites where you ‘register’ the idea in a digital vault.
    4) When you send your idea to the production company and any other third party, ensure it is dated and then send it by special delivery so that you have proof of receipt. At the same time send a duplicate document to a trusted family member. This assists with proof that the document existed at that time.
    5) If you send any electronic format version of your idea then do the following – A) Password protect your document, this ensures that only the intended recipient can open it and no one can claim they opened it by mistake.
    B) Lock / protect the document so that changes cannot be made without the password (in word go to tools / protect document)
    C) Ensure that the background document details include you as the author and copyright holder (file / properties)
    The above is just a few basics to help you and there is a lot of advice on the web.
    As part of the proposal, the channel that you are submitting the details to will require an idea of costings for the whole production.
    Production companies will therefore ask you for concept ideas, locations, amount of cast etc. Make lists of everything you think would be relevant as this will help the production company form the basis for a submission. They wont be willing to do loads of work on your behalf for no money but if you start by preparing most of the background work (and of course if the idea is good) then they probably wont mind helping out in the initial stages.
    Finally, think about what you want from this project if it is successful but be willing to negotiate. Don’t give up if you are turned down straight away and not all production companies cover all subjects so be prepared for a few rejections.
    Hope this helps
    Good Luck!


    Hey there, Jennifer
    As digitex mentioned there are places that you can go to register your ideas within a digital vault. Do a google search for some and you should be able to find something within the UK.
    Furthermore, you should probably seek out an indie filmmaker unless you fancy going through the 4talent-esque trials to get funding. Not whoring ourselves out or anything, but we’re always looking for stuff to do over at http://www.shotinthedarkfilms.co.uk. Drop us a line if you’re interested and we’ll have a chat 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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