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    Yeah I am going to film two speeches too. I have been to their premises once for an audition and they seem really nice. There has been no mention of money. Thsy are a casting agency who are looking to get footage of actors and each time there is a casting, they will provide the director with the footage of the people they think will suit. Kind of like an agent does, but they do it directly and I don’t believe a fee is involved, but if anyone knows any different then let me know. I think I am going up early march.

    Profile photo of Alan Doney
    Alan Doney

    They said a company in Cannes maybe interested in Actors but I could not fully work it out and I was on set at Garrick Th at the time. (Brief mob call)
    Yes I was booked to do reading/monologue to create a show reel for them. They are a casting company and did get me a good casting that I could not attend.
    It may work for some but I do not want to pay£100 odd quid, I think their yearly charge is £165 so I hear from my mate Anthony. I may cancel because of the fee, they can take commission from jobs rather than that. Spotlight charge but then again they are well know and are looked at by the Industry!

    Profile photo of Tony Bowden
    Tony Bowden

    Me too I have an appointment with them early March. I did have my doubts at first but whats the harm in trying it for free for three months, so why not give it a try? They did tell me it would be £150 and i’ve heard it is £100 to someone else, so i’d like to find out for definate what the fee really is.

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    Aaron Oliver

    Hi, I got a call from someone at Q castings inviting me in for an interview in order to join their books. I was just wondering if anyone has heard or have had dealings with this agency? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks
    Aaron Oliver


    It’s important to note that they’re not an agency- they are a casting service. After the three month free trial it’s something like £100 per year. I’ve already paid that for my spotlight page, and asked what the difference was- there doesn’t seem to be any. However I am sorely tempted by the promise of all those casting possibilities, so will go for the free bit.
    They are not an agent: an agent cannot by law ask for money to join.


    Hi Aaron, had a call also from Q last week, and made an appointment this week. Apparently they are a new agency which are just establishing themselves, and this is some sort of promotion to get actors on their books.
    Still unsure about it but as they haven’t aked for any money upfront, I’m gonna give it a go. But still weary.

    Profile photo of Alan Doney
    Alan Doney

    Can anyone shed light on the up front fee charge being stopped by Equity from APRIL 2004????


    they contacted me vefore christmas and i went to see them in january
    as i walked in theer was a casting just coming out and another waiting in the foyer reading scripts, i spoke to one of there bods and she was lovely and showed the packge they offer basically you film two mono’s in there own little studio on site they will add these to their data base and e version of spotlight and you get CDR businessards so you can send your show real (qtip) to employers. the stuff looks good. they were very professional and the office is nice and right in the middle of soho as i came out there was anopther casting coming in so they are obviously getting some work
    they seem to be pushing the Web directory more then anything i didn’t join it then but i think i will later they told me it was £170
    but i did fill out there forms – which is free – and had my pic and stats taken, thatst a couple of weeks ago now and i have been invited to two auditions neither of which i could attend
    so they are offering a reasonable service in my opinion but you know what this games like your only as good as your contacts!!


    Hi, I need to change my appt with them, anyone know their e-mail of tel no, thank’s

    Profile photo of Sheila Halse
    Sheila Halse

    I also received a call from this company.
    They contacted me on my mobile number, had no idea where I was based, playomg age, experience etc.
    I’m not sure where they got my details, (when I asked they were a tad uncertain) but, from the number of UK screen members who have been contacted, I wonder if they have trawlled through UK screen.
    I was told that:-
    the site was to be launched at the Cannes Film Festival,
    there was free membership for the first three months and
    after that it was £11.50 a month.
    They appear to be a web based casting directory rather than a pro-active agency.
    ( though I could be wrong)
    Although the concept of downloadable show reels is fine in theory it requires a casting director to have internet access, time to search and broadband.( As anyone who has an ordinary internet connection will tell you trying to download a video on a non-broadband connection can be extremly slow)
    When I asked to be sent further details in writing they said that these weren’t available at the moment.
    I hope that they are a genuine company, but I’m afraid I have become very cynical about any casting organisation which requires £138 ayear.


    I have an appointment with them tomorrow. I must admit to being slightly reluctant. Can anyone provide further information about what happened when they attended please?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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