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    I have a question for all you short film makers out there.
    My company is investigating the possibility of launching a cable tv channel exclusively featuring short films. As the audience for short films is currently small (non existent in TV terms), the only business model that works is one in which the makers provide films free of charge to the channel, (until viewer numbers grow to an economically viable level).
    I know you’re all thinking ‘why the hell should I bother if it won’t make me a penny’, but the fact is, if at all successful this channel can reach a nationwide audience – including film industry movers and shakers. Instead of films being seen by a tiny, elitist festival audience and having a tiny chance of being picked up by a producer, they will eventually be seen by millions of people.
    The company doesn’t expect people to sign away rights for years either. Just make the film available for broadcast for a few months.
    I think it’s a fair trade. You get viewer numbers and publicity you couldn’t possibly afford to buy and the channel gets films to bring in viewers.
    That’s enough sales pitch from me. Let me know what you think. Would you be willing to give the channel the right to broadcast your film for a short period, free of charge? And if not, why?
    I look forward to your replies.
    Kristian Rogers

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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