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Basic Info

Name Frank Sandberg
About “You spend two weeks searching for the right actors. You spend numerous days and nights searching for the right locations. You carefully arrange for all parts of the film to run smoothly. And if you are anything like most filmmakers, you’ve ignored one of the key publicity elements of your product: the stills”Without the proper promotion your film may never reach out and touch the public. And any marketing expert will tell you that pictures dominate and words compliment.‘b-Frank Studio’ is a professional photography business, specializing in film-still photography, digital filming and Location scouting. We cater to the needs of both small and large scale productions worldwide and offer a complete service, from conception, through to the finished product.The service provides high quality film-still photographs and digital filming. The aim is for these to be used for promotional purposes such as web-sites, posters and for the ‘extra’ features available on DVD’s. Aside from the promotional aspect we also aim to document and capture the fleeting moment of the creative film-making process. This is for investors, producers, cast, crew and public to peek behind the mystery and makings of your classic, having the full extent of your project archived for future generations.

available to work anywhere worldwide, , , Auckland, New Zealand


english and swedish



Location Manager, Photographer-Stills

Date of Birth

3 December 1975

Experience (years)



stills photography, Location scout, digital filming, Dv cam, digital editing


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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
Music Video D1 entertainment PA Studios still photo 2004
Documentary tattueringens blodiga rotter Kontinent photographer 2003
Music CD the fanatics Fanatics cover photographer 2003
Short Film Fleeting Beauty suchi still photo 2003
Short Film Resolution wintergarden films still photo 2003
Short Film hoppet sternö film still photo 2002
Feature Film the waiting place black box still photo 2000
Short Film firekid tio dagar i tradet still photo 1999