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Jonathan Vincent


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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
Feature Film Never Surrender Hector Echavarria Composer, Additional Music 2009
Feature Film Shanty Town Show Down Dean Alexandrou Composer Original Music 2009
Feature Film The Scarf Kyle Lawrence Composer, Additional Music 2009
TV First Hand: Encounter George Butiri Composer 2009
Video Ode to Hen Consolidated PR Arranger & Performer 2009
Video Cubase 4 in 60 Minutes Thinkspace Education Presenter & Composer 2008
Video Logic Pro Training DVD Juliet Ripley Presenter & Composer 2008
Corporate Zero 7 Style Track Corps Business Music Composer 2007
Documentary Black Dragon Utopian Pictures Composer 2007
TV Software Tutorials Music Talented Pixie Music composer 2007
Short Film Sheriff John Bunnell GukSack films Composer 2006
Short Film Waffle Guksack Films Composer 2006
Feature Film Nightwolf Kristen Gibson Composer 2005
Short Film Brand Awareness=Spirituality Matt Wasser Music Composer 2005
Short Film Darken DeadDuck Productions Music Composer 2005
Short Film Jesus 2 Lydon Booth Composer 2005
TV What's Your is Mine Total Vanity Composer/Sound Design 2005
Short Film Bouldering Film Sundial Media Music composer 2004
Short Film Videotape Dominic Stinton Composer 2004
TV Grate (sic) Expectations Saffron Hill Productions Music Composer 2004
TV Mobidle Total Vanity Music Composer 2004
TV Tuning In Saffron Hill Productions Music Composer 2004
Commercials Hamit's Jeans Ali Ali Composer 2003
Corporate Artful Dodger Aktion Films Composer 2003
Documentary Final Whistle Ahmed Hussain Composer 2003
Short Film Landfall Lydia Knight Composer/Sound Design 2003
Corporate Midi Construction Kits Newtronic Head of R&D 2002
Short Film Coming Home Landmark Media Composer 2002
Commercials Bigish Brother Soundalike Black Cat Composer 2001
Short Film The Swap Landmark Media Music Composer 2001
Music CD Brief Hypnotic Experience This Side First Composer 2000
Radio The Music Studio BBC World Service Presenter & Composer 1999
Theatre The Doll's House Fizz Theatre Composer 1996
Theatre Walking Shadows Ben Cooper Music Composer 1995
Music CD Keytrax Music Library The Music Factory Music Composer 1994
Short Film Rabbits Goldsmiths' College Music Composer 1993
Short Film Just One More Nikki Pearce Music Composer 1992