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Basic Info

Name Marva Lord
About I began singing in church and secular choirs as a child and in a group with my sisters when I was a teen in Canada, where I developed a strong skills in creating harmonies. I studied with a local operatic vocal coach during my teen years.During my 20s, I began producing, voicing and hosting independent music and spoken word programs which were broadcast through community radio featuring a wide range of Canadian and International performing artists and creative workers from Cowboy Junkies and Blue Rodeo to George Clinton (Parliament, Funkadelic) to Queen Latifah to Annette Peacock and Hawkwind. In my early 30s, I was hired to voice a Canadian documentary called Older, Stronger, Wiser.I also was often asked to voice commercials and public service announcements for the radio station.During my time working in community radio, I made my living as a freelance writer reviewing artists and socio-political work for small publications; as an independent pr person for small promoters producing shows with artists such as Gil Scot-Heron, Gilberto Gil, Burning Spear, P Diddy, Jay-Z (at the start of his career), and I worked as a club DJ for many years in Toronto, Canada, where I often was asked to be an announcer for numerous events and productions connected to the entertainment industry.I now live in the UK, where I married and settled with children, which meant taking a break from this work. But have returned to studying voice over the last couple of years, and am now beginning to perform again.

, , , Wales, United Kingdom

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Extra, Singer, Voice Over

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Date of Birth

13 September 1958

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Playing roles

Canadian, North American

Vocal Range

Alto, Mezzo-Soprano

Dancing Type

Canadian, North American

Relevent Skills

My main language is English – Canadian, North AmericanI can also read short French and Spanish text with practiceMy university background was in general arts, but for broadcasting and vocal work I am mostly self taught through volunteering in community radio for over 10 years. I also had private tuition with a broadcaster who was the News Director at Chum FM many years ago. I have continued to sing in choirs on and off over the years. Currently I study voice with Heather Baker in the UK, using Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing Technique. I have also begun lessons with Micah Barnes, and am in an ongoing drama workshop to further support my live performance skills. I feel these experiences have enhanced my vocal style greatly.

Additional Info

I also have my own web site at http://griots.net


over 10 years in Community radio as a broadcaster and producer


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Documentary Older, Stronger, Wiser NFB Narrator 1989