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Box Office

With positive word of mouth firmly spread and an incredible $428 million already amassed outside of the United States, James Bond’s Skyfall smashed the opposition with a record November $90 million (outside of the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises) opening weekend. The picture played 60% male and 75% over 25 years old. The last 6 James Bond movies have all opened to record weekends, with Goldeneye starting the trend and moving Bond into modern-day blockbuster territory. The film scored an A from Cinemascore and should be the first Bond movie to reach the $200 million mark in America.

The second biggest story was Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln which earned a massive $900,000 on just 11 screens! The picture expands nationwide next week and should prove popular with the adults once the kids have been dropped off to watch the impending behemoth that is Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Wreck It Ralph held strong in the number 2 position with $33 million (down just 34%) and a not too shabby $92 million total and a $120 worldwide haul. The Denzel Washington starring Flight took it’s expected hit from Bond with a 41% drop for a $15 million weekend and is looking at a probable $75 million total. Argo held up pretty well, crossing $85 million in the U.S with a $112 million worldwide total. It should easily surpass The Town’s total by the end of next weekend.

Taken 2 added another $4 million at the weekend for a respectable $131 million total after 6 weeks with Here Comes The Boom crawling towards the expected $45-50 million total. Cloud Atlas scraped another $2.5 million to it’s abysmal $22.7 million take, with Pitch Perfect ($2.5 million), The Man With The Iron Fists (2.49 million) and Hotel Transylvania ($2.35 million) rounding out the top ten.







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