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21 Jump Street jumps to the top of US box office

21 Jump Street jumps to the top of US box office

21 Jump Street jumps to the top of US box office

A movie version of the 1980s teens TV show, 21 Jump Street, leaps to the to the top of the US box office over the weekend with $35 million, beating the champion of the last two weeks, Dr. Seuss, which dropped to the second place with $22.8 millions.

Rather than doing a straight update of the original 21 Jump Street, which made Johnny Depp a star, Sony transformed the story of undercover police tackling youth crime into an action comedy.

The big screen version follows two rookie undercover cops, played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, posing as teens to root out crooks peddling a psychedelic new drug at a Los Angeles school.

After 17 days in theatres, Universals smash hit 3D animation, Dr Suess, which cost $70 million to make, has found an impressive $158.4 million, prompting the studios to start working on an animated version of The Cat in the Hat.

Disneys $250 million project, John Carter, dropped sharply in its second weekend, taking only $13.5 million, enough to claim the third spot, but not nearly enough to cover its extravagant cost. The Edgar Rice Burroughs adaption epic has so far earned only $53.2 at the US box office, but has done better in the international market taking in $126 million.



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