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Brit film Page Eight is to close Toronto Film Festival

David Hare’s spy drama Page Eight, starring Rachel Weisz and Bill Neigh, will close next month’s Toronto Film Festival.
The festival opens in September 8th with the documentary “From the Sky down” about the Rock band U2, from director Davies Guggenheim, who won an Oscar for making Al Gore’s  Inconvenient Truth. The documentary charts the release of Achtung Baby in 1981.
Other films to be featured in the festival includes Luc Besson’s The Lady about the Burmese Pro-democracy lady Aung San Sn Kayi and her husband; Nick Murphy’s pschycological horror Thriller The Awakening; Francis Ford Cappola’s murder mystery film Twixt, starring Val Kimar; Schumacher’s Tresspass, starring Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage; Terence Davies’s The Deep Blue starring Rachel Weisz; and Michael Winterbottom’s Indian love story Trisha, starring Slumdog Millionaire’s actress Frienda Pinto and Riz Ahmed.
Many of Hollywood stars will be marching down the festival’s red carpet including George Clooney for the Descendants, Ryan Gasling for Drive, Robert DeNiro for Killer Elite, Brad Pitt for MoneyBall and Maddona for W.E.
Founded in 1976, the festival has become one of the biggest in the world and Oscars indicator. Previous festival winners such as Slumdog Millionaire and The King’s Speech went on to scoop the Oscar for best picture and other major categories.



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