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Oscars Academy tightens rules on campaigning

Oscars Academy tightens rules on campaigning

Oscars Academy tightens rules on campaigning

The body that hands out the Oscars has tightened up its campaigning rules to reduce accusations that studios with bigger budgets can, in effect, buy awards.
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is banning any of its voting members from attending parties or receptions thrown for films or individual nominees after the nominations are announced.
They will be allowed to attend screenings of the nominated films, even if cast or crew are involved in a panel discussion or Q&A. But no film-maker will be allowed to attend more than two such events.
Academy members and nominees will be allowed to mingle at events organised by the Academy, such as the Oscar Nominees’ Luncheon, and at other awards ceremonies, such as the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
The new regulations allow members to receive DVDs or digital copies of the nominated films to watch, subject to restrictions on the packaging and any accompanying material, limiting the scale of gifts from the distributors. But the Academy wants to encourage members to see as many of the films as possible on the big screen.
There will also be tougher penalties for any member who makes comments – either positive or negative – about a nominated film on a social networking website; a year’s suspension from the Academy for a first offence expulsion for any further violations.
The President of the Academy, Tom Sherak, said the new regulations would play an important role in protecting the integrity and distinction of the Oscars.
The nominations for the next set of Academy Awards will be on 24th January 2012. The Awards ceremony will take place on the 26th of February.



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