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johnnie oddball


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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
Feature Film Silent rider working title Director/Producer/Writer 2012
TV Trace TV Paris / London Producer 2011
Feature Film It came alive firefly productions Actor/Writer 2011
Feature Film Cosplayersuk the movie cosplayersuk.com Director/Producer 2011
Feature Film 28 days later challenge www.oddballchallenge.com Creator 2010
Theatre Whatever happened to baby jane Oddballchallenge.com Director/Producer/Writer 2010
Short Film Abertoir Horror Film Festival trailer Abertoir ff Production Manager 2010
Feature Film when london sleeps oddball challenge Director 2010
Feature Film it came alive firefly prod Director 2010
Feature Film The horror of the dolls shane davy co producer 2010
Commercials Corn Flakes Agent stunt driver 2010
Commercials MCcOYS Crisps Agent Stunt Driver 2010
Commercials Burger King Agent Stunt Driver 2010
Commercials Pot noodle Agent Stunt Driver 2010
Short Film zombie film challenge london film museum Creator/organiser 2009
Feature Film Online : the movie working title Editor 2007
Feature Film Bloody ugly working title Director/Producer 2006
Feature Film Lost in the making Oddball films Director/producer 2006
Short Film Cannes 24 hr film challenge cannes 06 patron of event 2006
Short Film living on the line (WW2) D.G.F Film productions dir/prod/editor 2006
TV GAME BOX TV HYPTV Dir/Pro/ Editor 2006
TV The Haunt Primetime int Director/producer 2006
Theatre Bloody ugly Rose Theatre ldn Director/Producer 2006
Short Film Cannes 24 hour film challenge Primetime/d.g.f Creator / orgainser 2005
Short Film Halloween 48hr challenge oddballchallenge Creator / organiser 2005
Editorial Showreel Magazine Issue 1-2-3 Writer/ DV article's 2004
Short Film 24 Hour Film Challenge Odbball challenge Creator / organiser 2004
Short Film Kids 24 hr film challenge Big arts week Creator /Organiser 2004
Short Film Sci Fi Trailer Challenge Sci fi film fest Creator /Organiser 2004
Short Film Umbrella slave S.i.f.f.f.a festival Director/producer 2004
TV GAMER WEB Friendly TV Assistant Producer 2004
Editorial Channel 4 / Film four Article on 48 Short films from 48 2003
Feature Film Kachi the movie K.Kung fu films Producer/Camera 2003
Feature Film The Dark Hunter D.G.F Film productions Producer/dir/writer 2003
Radio Five live (interview ) BBC Radio Interview on 48hrs 2003
Short Film The Getaway Greenwich films Production ast/ stunt driver 2003
TV Oddball TV (pilot) Sky tv channel Director/producer 2003
Video News review Canal theatre Dv Cameraman 2003
Short Film National 48-hour film challenge Oddball challenge Creator / organiser 2002
Feature Film Lost in silly space Gj productions Director /Producer/set design 1999
Short Film Planted doug pie prod Cameraman 1999
TV Television X Northern & Shell Editor / Producer 1999
Feature Film Flamingo blues Film Four Production Manager 1998
Music Video Quireboys MTV Director/Producer 1997