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Patrick Comerford


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Catogory Title Production Company Director My Role Year
Commercials Magic FM Sleepdance Asylum coordinator/pup 2003
Commercials One Account Hector's Hse Asylum coordinator/pup 2003
Corporate The One Account Asylum puppeteer 2003
Commercials Perfetti Dogbreath Asylum coordinator/pup 2002
Commercials Sony Aibo - series Asylum coordinator/pup 2002
Corporate Invensys Similar People coordinator/pup 2002
Feature Film Cradle of Fear Pragmatic Pictures puppeteer 2002
Commercials Reebok Escape the Sofa Asylum coordinator/pup 2001
Commercials Robinsons Barley Water Asylum coordinator/pup 2001
Commercials Smirnoff Dog Crooner Asylum coordinator/pup 2001
Commercials British Telecom E.T. (series) N.Scanlan/S.Winston puppeteer 2000
Commercials Colmans sauces - series Asylum puppeteer 1999
Commercials Jeep Crash test dummies Asylum puppeteer 1999
Commercials Vauxhall Masterfit - series Baby Films puppeteer 1998
Commercials Walls Ice Cream Asylum puppeteer 1998
Feature Film Babe Pig in The City Neal Scanlan co coordinator/pup 1997
Feature Film Lost in Space Henson's puppeteer 1997
TV Roger & The Rottentrolls Meridian puppeteer 1997
Commercials Party Political Broadcast Labour Party puppeteer 1996
Feature Film 101 Dalmations Henson's puppeteer 1996
TV Hale & Pace - series 9 LWT puppeteer 1996
Video Euro '96 Spitting Image puppeteer 1996
Commercials I Can't Believe It's not Butter - series puppeteer 1995
TV Hale & Pace - series 8 LWT puppeteer 1995
TV Spooks of Bottle Bay Carlton puppeteer 1995
Commercials Family Channel puppeteer 1994
Commercials Kodak Chilli peppers Asylum coordinator/pup 1994
Corporate Compaq Spitting Image puppeteer 1994
Corporate Ogilvy & Mather Spitting Image puppeteer 1994
Feature Film Muppet Treasure Island Henson's puppeteer 1994
TV Big Garage - series Winchester Films puppeteer 1994
TV Series xviii Spitting Image puppeteer 1994
Video Filth T.Higgins Trust puppeteer 1994
Video Grin 'n' Bear It Spitting Image puppeteer 1994
Corporate Andersen Consulting Spitting Image puppeteer 1993
Corporate Price Waterhouse Spitting Image puppeteer 1993
Corporate Worthington's Spitting Image puppeteer 1993
TV Series xvi Spitting Image puppeteer 1993
TV Series xvii Spitting Image puppeteer 1993
Corporate IBM Spitting Image puppeteer 1992
TV Peter & The Wolf Spitting Image actor/puppeteer 1992
TV Series xv Spitting Image puppeteer 1992