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Capitalism: A Love Story

Capitalism: A Love Story – Review

Michael Moore explores the economic meltdown, its historic roots and the people behind it and ends up blaming it all on Capitalism. First he shows the effect of the recent economic crisis on pe... Read On

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Sraphine – Review

In the run-up to the first world war, a German art dealer Wilhelm Uhde (Tukur) rents a house in the French city of Senlis. He’s not interested in most of the high society people living nearby, but a... Read On

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Paper Heart

Paper Heart – Review

Twenty something American comedienne Charlyne Yi sets out on a voyage across America to try to discover the meaning of love. She’s convinced that she’s never been in it, felt it or had anything else... Read On

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Fantastic Mr Fox – Review

Fantastic Mr Fox – Review

Mr Fox (Clooney) has turned over a new leaf. He’s given up stealing poultry for his dinner. He’s taken up a respectable job as a newspaper columnist. All he needs now is someone decent to live – he’... Read On

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Creation – Review

Some years after returning from his famed trip on The Beagle, collecting evidence that would shatter the world’s understanding of how we came to be here, Charles Darwin (Bettany) still hasn’t got ar... Read On

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12 – Review

Set in contemporary Moscow, 12 is the story of 12 Russian jurors locked in a school gymnasium to deliberate the verdict on a Chechnyan boy, accused of killing his adopted father, a Russian army of... Read On

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Coraline – Review

Young Coraline's (Fanning) parents have just moved the family thousands of miles from all their friends, to a sparsely decorated, cavernous apartment in an imposing, hilltop mansion. The surreal ne... Read On

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic – Review

Gardening journalist Rebecca Bloomwood (Fisher) would rather be working on a Rag Mag, as her appearance – dressed from head to toe in designer clothes she can’t afford – testifies. When a job become... Read On

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Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda – Review

Po (Black) is a big, fat, greedy, lazy panda – not the description you’d expect for someone who’s about to be picked as the Dragon Warrior, to save the village. Everyone is expecting this honour to ... Read On

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Honey Dripper

Honey Dripper – Review

Tyrone (Glover) runs the Honeydripper Lounge, a traditional bar in rural Alabama in 1950; traditional in that the live music is old-time blues and no-one in town is the slightest bit interested in c... Read On

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