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Archives / Release Dates / 17th June 2011

La Rafle: The Round-Up

La Rafle: The Round-Up – Review

It’s June 1942 and the Jews of Paris, wearing yellow stars of David bearing the word “Juif,” are trying to continue with life as normal as their liberties are slowly removed, one by one. The Fren... Read On

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Stake Land

Stake Land – Review

In a post-apocalyptic United States, where vampires roam free, teenaged Martin (Conner Paolo) hooks up with vampire-hunter Mister (Nick Damici), who promises to get him to the safety of the vampir... Read On

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Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher – Review

Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) is the bad teacher of the title – a high school English teacher who hates teaching almost as much as she hates children, and she’s not at all worried about showing it. Sh... Read On

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The Beaver

The Beaver – Review

Walter (Mel Gibson) owns and runs a once-great toy manufacturer that is struggling, as a direct result of his deepening depression. His wife Meredith (Jodie Foster) is supportive as long as she ca... Read On

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