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Archives / Release Dates / 2008

Son of Rambow – Review

Son of Rambow – Review

Will Proudfoot (Milner) lives with his devout, god-fearing family in a home that’s one Brother short of a religious commune. His faith – or more accurately, his mother’s faith – prohibits him fro... Read On

There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood – Review

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, miner Daniel Plainview (Day Lewis) was hoping to strike silver but he ended up striking gold - black gold. He quickly developed a method for extracting and... Read On

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – Review

After many years away from London, a barber, Benjamin Barker (Depp) returns to the place he describes as a “great black pit” inhabited by vermin and people who are full of – well – with words by Ste... Read On

The Savages

The Savages – Review

Lenny Savage (Bosco) is elderly and infirm. He lives in Florida with his equally elderly and infirm girlfriend Doris (Murphy). She’s now bedridden and being cared for by a male nurse who doesn’t muc... Read On

Charlie Wilsons War

Charlie Wilson’s War – Review

In 1980s America, Charlie Wilson (Hanks) was a playboy Congressman from Texas. While relaxing in a jacuzzi with strippers in a Las Vegas bar (as you do), he sees a news report about Afghanistan’s po... Read On

Before the Devil Knows Youre Dead

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – Review

Brothers Andy (Hoffman) and Hank (Hawke) have fallen on hard times. Andy’s struggling at work and Hank’s come through a messy divorce and his ungrateful ex-wife is constantly demanding money for ... Read On

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