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Archives / Release Dates / 24th August 2007

Born and Bred

Born and Bred – Review

Santiago (Pfening) is a successful Buenos Aires architect, living with his beautiful wife and cute little daughter in a fantastic apartment. Everything’s perfect. The family heads off to the country... Read On

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Sugarhouse – Review

What’s middle-class, clean-cut Tom (Mackintosh) doing in a dodgy east-end café, in a run-down part of London? He’s meeting D (Walters), a low-life chancer, who’s agreed to sell him a gun. In time-ho... Read On

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Knocked Up

Knocked Up – Review

When Alison (Heigl) is promoted from runner to presenter of an entertainment TV show, she takes her married sister Debbie (Mann) to a club to celebrate. After a drink too many, she finds herself ... Read On

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