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Archives / Release Dates / 26th January 2007

Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond – Review

1990s Sierra Leone: government troops and the rebel fighters determined to unseat them are financing their brutal war by selling diamonds on the black market. When a gang of rebels ransack Solomon’s... Read On


Bobby – Review

This is not, as it’s name might suggest, a study of the events leading up to the assassination of Senator (and presidential hopeful) Robert Kennedy in 1968 – but a study of what happens to pretty ... Read On

The Fountain

The Fountain – Review

Tommy (Jackman) is a neurologist who carries out research on the brains of living monkeys, at least that’s what he’s doing now. Five hundred years ago, he was some kind of a Spanish warrior, fightin... Read On

Old Joy

Old Joy – Review

Mark (London) is pottering around at home doing nothing much when an old friend, Kurt (Oldham), calls him up and suggests going camping for the weekend. With apologies to his other half, Mark sets o... Read On


Venus – Review

Maurice (O’Toole), Ian (Phillips) and Donald (Griffiths) are three ageing actors whose repertoires comprise almost entirely of playing dead bodies. They while away their afternoons in their local ca... Read On