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Archives / Release Dates / 28th April 2006


Lemming – Review

No wonder Alain (Lucas) has become flavour-of-the-month at the Pollock electronics firm: he’s worked out how to strap a set of remote-controlled mini helicopter blades to the top of a webcam. The ow... Read On

The Moguls

The Moguls – Review

Andy (Bridges) is finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that his ex-wife (Tripplehorn) and son are now living the live of luxury he could never give them, courtesy of his wealthy replacem... Read On

Dont Come Knocking

Dont Come Knocking – Review

Howard (Shepard) is the Clint Eastwood of his world – a huge movie star, much-loved for his cowboy roles, and now in his twilight years. The difference is that while Clint Eastwood goes on and on an... Read On