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Archives / Release Dates / 28th September 2007

Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton – Review

Michael Clayton (Clooney) is out of favour as a lawyer and now works as his firm’s fixer. If things aren’t going to plan, he fixes them. If clients are caught with their pants down, he’ll brush it u... Read On

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Across The Universe

Across The Universe – Review

In this Beatles-themed musical, 1960s Liverpool shipyard worker Jude (Sturgess) quits his job, packs a bag and heads to the United States to find the father who returned home after the war, leaving ... Read On

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Kenny – Review

Kenny (Jacobson) is passionate about his job – supplying and maintaining portable toilets for major public events. Under his command are a bunch of crackpots who are only slightly less enthused by t... Read On

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