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Archives / Release Dates / 3rd September 2010

Cherry Tree Lane

Cherry Tree Lane – Review

Mike (Tom Butcher) and Christine (Rachael Blake) are a typical middle-class couple in their forties, having a typical marital tiff about their typically boring lives. As they push their din... Read On

The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism – Review

Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) comes from a line of evangelical ministers. He’s been brought up in the church and takes over from his father. He’s a rousing, inspirational religious speaker, adore... Read On

Dinner for Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks – Review

When ruthless investment company boss Lance (Bruce Greenwood) sacks one of his underlings, the ambitious Tim (Paul Rudd) sees it as his chance to get off the sixth floor. He pitches an idea to se... Read On