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Archives / Release Dates / 8th September 2006

Snow Cake

Snow Cake – Review

British ex-con Alex (Rickman) picks up an eccentric young hitch-hiker, Vivienne (Hampshire), in a remote Canadian road-side diner. She’s on her way to visit her mother, Linda (Weaver.) As they pull ... Read On

Right At Your Door

Right At Your Door – Review

Lexi (McCormack) and her husband Brad (Cochrane) have just moved into a new house in the LA suburbs. They haven’t even got the TV connected yet, but Brad’s a musician, so he’s happy with the radio. ... Read On

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons – Review

Ben (Grint) is an awkward seventeen year old, completely hopeless in social situations as a result of his sheltered upbringing by his vicar father and the happy-clappy, evangelical mother Laura (Lin... Read On

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine – Review

Richard (Kinnear) is a motivational speaker, in need of motivation. His “nine steps” to success don’t seem to be working for him. In fact, everyone in his immediate family seems to be down on their ... Read On