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Archives / Release Dates / on 27 May 2005

Stander – Review

In 1970s Johannesburg, police captain Andre Stander (Jane) turns against the apartheid regime he serves. As his own protest against the system, he starts robbing banks – only to return to the scene ... Read On

House of Wax – Review

A road trip to one of the biggest college football games of the year becomes the weekend from hell for six friends when they decide to camp out for the night before heading to the match. Next mornin... Read On

Millions – Review

A bag full of money falls from the sky into the hands of eight year old Damian (Etel) and his brother Anthony, (McGibbon) who's 10. They have just 12 days to spend a quarter of a million pounds bef... Read On

The Pacifier – Review

Navy S.E.A.L Shane Wolfe (Diesel) is assigned to protect the five endangered children of an assassinated scientist working on a secret invention. He soon finds he is juggling the two impossible jobs... Read On