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2 Days in New York
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2 Days in New York – Review


Four years after Marion (Julie Delpy) stopped off to visit her parents in Paris for two days, she’s broken up with her boyfriend Jack and moved in with her new man Mingus (Chris Rock) in New York.
This time, it’s her father (Albert Delpy) and sister (Alexia Landeau) making the trip the other way across the Atlantic to visit her.
With French being spoken all around him, Mingus does his best to make the visitors feel welcome, but the more he tries, the more he seems to feel alienated. It doesn’t help that Marion’s sister has unexpectedly brought her boyfriend (Alex Nahon) with her and he knows just about enough English to annoy Mingus.
To make matters worse, the guests end up annoying the neighbours.
After spending two days in Paris put Marion’s last relationship to the test, will having her family spent two days in New York prove to be too much for this one.


Julie Delpy as a writer and director is every bit as comfortable in her skin as she is as an actress, but to return to a role, you have to be sure that the character is interesting enough to carry a sequel.
This film feels natural, almost documentary-like in style, but the events – from her father’s behaviour at customs to shenanigans at her photography show, not to mention an embarrassing incident at a massage parlour – feel too far removed from reality to sit comfortably in a lightly comic drama that’s being asked to be taken seriously.
It examines the same kind of family relationships as the previous film – but oddly, even though we’re now in the US, the American boyfriend is still the one feeling left out, meaning that rather than being a reversal of roles from the first film, in many senses, it’s more of the same.
It’s lightly frothy and enjoyable enough, but it’s lightweight, unbelievable and doesn’t have as much to say as it should about anything.

Opens nationwide 18 May 2012



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