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36 – Review
UKScreen Rating:

36 – Review


Leo Vrinks (Auteuil) and Denis Klein (Depardieu), once close friends,
are now bitter rivals in the French force. The Parisian police are
frustrated by a gang committing a series of violent robberies. The out
going Chief of Police (Dussollier) tells Vrinks and Klein that whoever
catches the gang will replace him as the head of the police force. The
competition between the two men becomes fierce and the lines between
right and wrong becomes increasingly blurred.


Based on the life of Dominique Loiseau, a senior member of the BRI
(Search and Action Squad) and drawing on the experiences of director
Olivier Marchal, a former Parisian policeman, this is a really powerful
and gritty police drama/thriller. It’s slick, it’s glossy, it’s non stop
explosive action and prime for a Hollywood remake.
It’s also a fierce and non stop battle between Auteuil and Depardieu as
to who steals the film. They’re the French equivalent of Pacino and De
Nero and a pleasure to watch in full throttle. It’s a roller coaster
ride but only the French can take you through such an exciting range of
emotions with such style and panache and without going over the top on
the sentimentality.
Beautifully acted and exquisitely shot this is the modern day French
equivalent of The Sweeney and a must see movie.

Opens on 2 June 2006



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