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A Perfect Getaway

A Perfect Getaway – Review


Newlyweds Cliff (Zahn) and Cydney (Jovovich) are island-hopping around Hawaii for their honeymoon.
They stop for a couple of tattooed, matted-haired hitch-hikers with an attitude problem (Hemsworth and Shelton), who end up shunning their offer of a lift when they detect an air of antagonism download office 2013 for free. Let’s hope we don’t bump into them again, eh?!
A short while later, on a precarious mountain hike, a passer-by Nick (Olyphant) comes to Cydney’s rescue, saving her from a fatal fall hoe apps op philips smart tv. They end up tagging along with him.
Before long, they encounter a group of screaming teenagers, who’ve managed to get a signal on their mobiles just long enough to receive a text, saying that there’s a pair of killers on the prowl in the area herunterladen.
Around the next bend, Cliff and Cydney get to meet Nick’s girlfriend Gina (Sanchez), skinny-dipping beneath a waterfall.
Hang on – so Nick and Gina are a couple – then there’s the tattooed bohemians – everywhere you look, it’s couples, couples, couples…
When the true identities of the killers are revealed, there’s a chase to the death – a hunt, if you like – through the forest, across the water – as each couple pit themselves against the others, for their survival download spotify only via wlan.


It’s very clear from the outset exactly what you’re going to get from this film – beautiful people in beautiful locations, being suspicious and paranoid before a tense, blood-thirsty denouement amazon musik herunterladen geht nicht.
To keep us on our toes, they throw in a little twist, which isn’t entirely convincing when you start rewinding and decoding the logic. But given the atmosphere, you don’t feel as cheated as you might in a more serious film herunterladen.
Cliff being a screen-writer with a video camera and Nick being a former military man provide plenty of opportunities for Hollywood in-jokes and oft-visited movie-machismo kündigungsschreiben downloaden.
But slick and stylish as it is, there’s very little original in this cliché-ridden film.
It’s entertaining, but instantly forgettable tagesschau video herunterladen.
And typically, while they’re trying to set us up, thinking that our honeymooning couple are off on a “perfect getaway,” you’ll be only too happy to make your own perfect getaway once the credits start to roll kinder puzzle kostenlos downloaden.

opens nationwide 14th August 2009

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