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Act of Valour
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Act of Valour – Review


A team of US Navy SEALs is sent deep into the jungle to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent.
During the operation, they uncover a plot to use Filipino mules to carry out a massive co-ordinated suicide attack on the US, using new hi-tech, undetectable bomb vests, that can easily be smuggled across the border.
The team’s new mission: to catch the Ukranian bomb-maker Christo (Alex Veadov), stop his Arab terrorist contact and round-up the Filipino mules, before they can wreak havoc on the US of A.


The USP of this film is the fact that the guys playing the US Navy SEALs ARE US Navy SEALs.
On the positive side, of course, this makes the military sequences feel tremendously authentic. On the negative side, they simply can’t act, so any efforts to deliver credible drama feels flat.
But this film isn’t about credible drama – once the guys say goodbye to their wives with the typical “I’m going to be fine” line that is obviously laced with forboding – it’s all about one mission after another – like watching someone playing a video game, going from one level to the next – as they jump out of planes, wade through rivers and use all the skills and toys provided by Uncle Sam to squash their foes like ants.
The heart-pounding action will have you on the edge of your seat, holding your breath as the inevitable unfolds before you.
This film unashamedly targets enthusiasts of military action films, but unless you’re enthralled by the nitty gritty that goes with black ops, it’s probably not for you.
It’s one of those films that makes you proud to be American – even if you’re not.
It will undoubtedly work as an effective recruitment advert for the US Navy – much like a feature length version of the kind of commercials we see for joining the army here.
And if nothing else, the film sets out as a warning to terrorists. Or perhaps a challenge.

Opens nationwide 23 March 2012



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