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Adam and Paul – Review


Adam (O’Halloran) and Paul (Murphy), friends since very small boys, are
inseparable but desperate Dublin junkies twinui.dll. The film follows the pair
through a single day which, like every other, is devoted to scrounging
and robbing money for drugs but today their luck has finally run out program music.


A mix of slapstick and dark comedy and a cross between Laurel and Hardy
on smack in Dublin and waiting for Godot according to the film’s
director herunterladen. This was Ireland’s surprise box office hit last year. It takes
a quirky look at drug addicts but it doesn’t pull any punches. You never
learn which one is Adam and which is Paul but it doesn’t really matter garmin maps without express.
They are both hopeless, teetering on the brink of extinction but quite
likeable. They can also be terribly cruel, for example, mugging a kid
with Down’s Syndrome herunterladen. Funny but harsh. Best to wait for the DVD.

ADAM AND PAUL opens on 3 June 2005

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