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Beauty Shop – Review


Gina Norris (Queen Latifah) leaves her hairdressing job to set up a
beauty shop of her own.
She takes with her Lynn (Silverstone), shampoo girl come wannabe
stylist, and some of her former clients. Her former boss Jorge (Bacon) is
furious and determined to get his own back.


This is a poor spin off from the Barbershop movies which lacks the
humour and heart and soul of the latter films.
A vehicle for Queen Latifah but even the singer/actress’s enormous
charisma isn’t enough to overcome the script’s shortcomings.
Kevin Bacon is absolutely fabulous as her Euro-gay former boss,
hairstylist Jorge (pronounced whore-hey) determined to get his own back
on Gina. He’s the best thing in this film.
Djimon Hounsou (Amistad) is completely miscast as the love interest and
it’s a mystery what Andie MacDowell and Mena Suvari are doing in this
The jokes are laboured and the plot is totally contrived.
This is one film that should be confined to DVD/video.

BEAUTY SHOP opens on April 22



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